What’s this? A Dillon Francis track featuring Brendon Urie? Yes. Yes it is.

Is Brendon excited about being on a Dillon Francis Track? Yes. Yes he is.

It’ll be one of the many awesome tracks on Dillon’s upcoming album “Money Sucks, Friends Rule” out 10/27 on Mad Decent. Pre-order it on iTunes.

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i'll be 23.


he spilled out onto the street with a crowd of faces like name-brand coffee, poured from the same pot.

the right wheel of the taxi went rumbling up onto the pavement, narrowly avoiding the sign advertising that evening’s show.

he stumbled to it, elbowing past a man wearing his same t-shirt &…

The people who gave us the opportunity were the fans. They ones who stand for hours on end to watch us play, the ones who would support us four dudes through thick and thin. Everything goes back to the fans. You guys are our everything  

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Can we talk about the boys different mug shot reactions?  

You’ve got Ashton, who looks ready to put the fun in dysfunctional


Then there’s Micheal, who doesn’t give a shit that he’s getting arrested, whatever


And there’s Calum, who looks proud af that he’s getting a mugshot 


And then there’s Luke. 


And lets be honest. The only thought on his mind is ‘mama liz is gonna kill me’